CSA By-Election Results *

Thank you for voting in the Fall 2019 CSA By-Election!

Voting took place from Tuesday, September 24 to Friday, September 27, extended to Monday, September 30 midnight.

* OFFICIAL RESULTS - Approved by the CSA Board of Directors - October 9, 2019

College At-Large Candidates:

College of Arts At Large Representatives

Ballots submitted: 601

Molly Brenzel          194     (elected)

Sumana Gupta        158     (elected)

Aleksander Ginko       87

Abstain                      139

Decline                       23

College of Biological Sciences At-Large Representatives

Ballots submitted: 1533

Kathleen Nolan        573     (elected)

Simonne Clout         499     (elected)

Abstain                       396

Decline                        65

College of Social and Applied Human Sciences At-Large Representative

Ballots submitted: 943

Jessica Krawitz       455     (elected)

Michale Pacheco      126

Abstain                      328

Decline                        34

Referendum Question:

Do you support an increase to the SafeWalk fee of $0.42, for a total of $0.75, per Fall and Winter semester for full time and part time undergraduate students, increased annually by the consumer price index for Ontario?

Ballots submitted: 4466

Yes 3297

No 810

Abstain: 359


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