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Voting starts on March 5th and ends on the 7th (midnight)

All voting occurs electronically through a survey that will be sent out to all of the undergraduate emails.  Each email will contain a ballot for the Executive Nominees, the College Board of Directors Nominees, as well as the Referendum Question. 

We ask the students to check their inboxes on these dates to ensure that they have received a ballot and to submit it within the allotted time. 

All Executive Forum:

The All Executive Forum will be held on March 1 at noon (12 pm) in the UC courtyard. The All Executive Forum is a place where Executive nominees can present themselves to the student body and answer questions regarding their campaign and policies.

'Come meet your future CSA Executives and hear what they have to say and discuss issues that affect all undergraduate students. 

Below is the form that you can submit questions regarding their campaign platforms to the Executives.

Questions: Email: CSACEO@uoguelph.ca

2017 CSA Winter By-Election

March 20 – March 24 @ 4pm Nominations
March 24 @ 5:30pm Candidates Meeting with CEO
March 24 – March 28 Campaign Preparation
March 29 – April 5 Campaigning
March 29, UC Courtyard @ 2pm All-Candidates Forum
April 3 – April 5 Voting

Thank you! Over 2700 students voted for the CSA Winter By-Election. Thank you for taking the time to vote in your new CSA President.Results for the CSA Winter By-Election


  • Chelsea Mulvale: 1652 (58.96%)
  • Ethan Pankhurst: 455 (16.51%)
  • Zoey Ross: 491 (17.82%)
  • Decline: 158 (5.73%)


How to Vote

Check your GryphMail for your ballot to vote!

Presidential Candidates

Presidential Candidate - Chelsea MulvaleChelsea Mulvale

I attended the University of Guelph for 6 years.  In February I graduated with a BA in International Development specializing in Political Economy and Administrative Change.  I am running for President of the CSA in this year’s by-election.  The role of President centers on managing budgets, creating yearly action plans, speaking on behalf of the CSA and the University of Guelph’s Undergraduate Students, and creating and implementing new initiatives while upholding the CSA’s mandate.
My previous involvements have provided me with the experience required to succeed as President.  I have successfully managed budgets through my roles of Orientation Facilitator, OUTline Facilitator, Project Serve Team Leader, and Independent Figure Skating Coach.  Most of my roles on campus have required me to construct yearly action plans as an individual and team, and I have supported struggling students in creating their own action plans through my position as START Facilitator.  I have experience navigating the needs of both administration and students, while advocating and supporting marginalized communities, with my involvement on the Orientation Team.  I have created new initiatives, and have directly supported, organized, and advocated for the LGBTQ+ community with my experience as OUTline Facilitator.  Furthermore, I am currently the face of OUTline, and recognize the perceived power and responsibility that come with this, and strive to remain accountable and transparent through open communication with my manager, committee, volunteers, and constituents. 
All of these roles have highlighted the importance of the student voice, with an emphasis on wellness, inclusion, continual learning, and community, which are all values that I hold dear.  If elected president it is my hope that I can bridge campus communities by building relationships and truly connecting with students when interacting with all of the colleges, student identity groups and interest groups.

Presidential Candidate - Ethan PankhurstEthan Pankhurst

Leadership and understanding, this is something the CSA has long been lacking. The CSA has failed to address multiple important issue that impact everyday student life. Finances, access to space, and mental health are all issue that have been neglected by both the administration and the CSA in the last years. As a student at the University of Guelph over the past four years I have seen several people attempt to bring change to this campus, a few have succeeded but more have failed. A vote for me, Ethan Pankhurst, would be a vote for someone who has the capacity to both lead issues and discussion but also moderate and consolidate differing opinions. I would work to bring transparency and accountability to how the university administration and the CSA use its money. One of my first changes would be to scrap or at least move ‘Sunday Night Cinema’ to Friday night. This program costs thousands of dollars to run and is currently not very popular. Moving it to Friday would allow for it to be accessible to students who need to use the bus system to attend, it would also provide an alternative program for students who do not like to drink or party. I would also work to provide permanent space for student clubs that need it, something that this years CSA is trying to take away. Finally, I would lobby the administration to drastically improve mental and physical health services which are both currently lacking staffing. In the end, I believe I am the only candidate who you can trust to be capable of issuing change, and improving your resources at the university.

Presidential Candidate - Zoey RossZoey Ross

I’m Zoey Ross and  I am running to be your first CSA President in 23 years, and to lead the organization through a new beginning. I’ve had the pleasure of serving as a director on the CSA Board for the last two years and as the Communications and Corporate Affairs Commissioner since May 2016.

Previously, I have taken the Integrated Marketing Communications program at Conestoga College, worked for several news publications in Southern Ontario and travelled the world as a video producer. I am also a Political Science and Theatre student at the University of Guelph. This collection of experiences, and many more have made me ready to serve in leadership as your CSA President. I will use all the skills I’ve gained from College, University and work to better the CSA and life for undergraduate students.

To borrow from Aristotle, together we are greater than the sum of our parts. At the CSA, that means building and fostering a strong community for all undergraduate students. We need to step up and support all student clubs and organizations so that they have the power improve the university experience for everyone. We need to stay ahead of all proposed city bylaw changes and university policy changes that would affect students and put forward better options when insufficient or poor policy is suggested.

Sustainable improvements are still needed for the internal CSA governance structure. The switch to the presidential model will be a challenging transition from what was in affect for over 20 years. CSA board members will have stronger voting power, and (to paraphrase Stan Lee) with that comes great responsibility; and if I’m elected, improved board training.

Thank you for reading during this busy time.

Kind regards,
Zoey Ross

Elections Office Hours W17

Bennett (CEO, csaceo@uoguelph.ca):

  • Monday and Wednesday: 11:00am-2:00pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 1:00pm-4:00pm

Conor (AEO, csaaeo@uoguelph.ca):

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:30am-12:30pm
  • Tuesday: 11:00am-2:00pm

Unofficial Results of the 2017 CSA General Election

Referendum (Free menstrual products on campus)

  • Yes: 3427 (77.01%)
  • No: 807 (18.13%)
  • Decline: 216 (4.85%)

President (Candidate: Jay Rojas)

  • No: 2065 (46.40%)
  • Yes: 1962 (44.09%)
  • Decline: 423 (9.51%)

VP Student Experience:

  • Emily Vance: 2130 (47.87%)
  • Jack Wang: 1651 (37.10%)
  • Decline: 669 (15.03%)

VP Academic:

  • Becca Cheskes: 1881 (42.27%)
  • Kate Schievink: 1748 (39.28%)
  • Decline: 821 (18.45%)

VP External:

  • Kayla Weiler: 1608 (36.13%)
  • Chelsea Mulvale: 1373 (30.85%)
  • Devlin Scanlon: 575 (12.92%)
  • Decline:  894 (20.09%)

OAC (Candidate: Chirag Patney)

  • Yes: 389 (70.47%)
  • No: 63 (11.41%)
  • Decline: 100 (18.12%)

OVC (Candidate: Natalie Chow)

  • Yes: 94 (94%)
  • No: 3 (3%)
  • Decline: 3 (3%)

CBE (Candidate: Tony Stortz)

  • Yes: 360 (68.31%)
  • No: 55 (10.44%)
  • Decline: 112 (21.25%)

ARTS (Candidate: Bella Harris)

  • Yes: 339 (73.34%)
  • No: 31 (6.8%)
  • Decline: 86 (18.86%)


  • Ryan Bowes: 525 (44.91%)
  • Jensen Williams: 411 (35.16%)
  • Beth Whan: 304 (26.01%)
  • Aleksander Ginko: 275 (23.52%)
  • Decline: 261 (22.33%)


  • Raymond Hu: 624 (62.34%)
  • Nick Kowaleski: 584 (58.34%)
  • Decline: 232 (23.18%)

Referendum Question - General Election

“Do you support a mandatory fee of $0.90, indexed to the cost of living, per semester for all undergraduate students, with the intention of freely supplying and distributing menstrual hygiene products, including, but not necessarily limited to, tampons and pads, to all its Members who experience menstruation across campus to be put in effect at the beginning of the semester in Fall 2017 (inclusive)?”

About the General Election

Each year, the Central Student Association Executive and Board members are elected to an office term of one year from May 1st to April 30th. As a full-time or part-time undergraduate student at the University of Guelph, you are a member of the Central Student Association and you have the responsibility of electing your CSA Executive and Board Members.

Each Board member works under the consideration of the CSA welfare, image, and mandate, to defend and protect the rights and interests of students. Board members assume the fiscal and moral responsibilities inherent in being a Director of a not-for-profit corporation and must be prepared and informed; ready to participate in all major decisions made by the organization. As such, Directors have a huge influence across campus, and beyond, making decisions that affect the quality and type of campaigns (around tuition fees, anti-oppression, etc.), services, and events offered by the students’ union. In this way, Directors also help to shape and build the students’ movement!

Each Winter semester, the following Executive and Board positions are elected:

Board of Directors: (part time, volunteer position)

Open to any current undergraduate student:

  • Two (2) College of Physical and Engineering Sciences (CPES)
  • Two (2) Ontario AgriculturaL College (OAC)
  • Two (2) Ontario Veterinary College (OVC)
  • Two (2) College of Management & Economics (CME)
  • Two (2) College of Arts (COA)
  • Two (2) College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS)
  • Two (2) College of Biological Sciences (CBS)

Executive Officers (4): (full time, paid position)

Open to any undergraduate student:

  • One (1) President 
  • One (1) Vice-President, Student Experience
  • One (1) Vice-President, Academic
  • One (1) Vice-President, External

Executive Officer Portfolio Duties

About Referendums

Students have the opportunity to pursue the presentation of a yes/no/abstain question to all undergraduate students at the University of Guelph. The CSA Elections Office accepts referendum questions at the beginning of the Fall semester. Referendum teams may only begin petitioning for signatures once they have received final approval from the Standing Referendum Committee. The referendum team must have the Referendum Signature Form, complete with 2,500 signatures from the applicable membership, verified by the Elections Office, for final ratifcation by the CSA Board of Directors. Following this, there will be a campaign period that coincides with CSA General Elections nomination and campaign period, with the same final 3 (three) days being the online voting period via Gryph Mail.