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By-Election Fall 2022 Candidate Bios

Board of Directors
Simran Kalra - College of Biological Sciences
I am Harsimran Kaur Kalra (Simran) and my pronouns are She/her. I am currently in 4th year of BSc Biomedical Sciences. Other than academics and clubs I like going on long walks with my mom and reading books during my free time.

I am passionate and eager to contribute to board of directors’ role for College of Biological Sciences, to get closely involved with the student body (CSA) and decision making that benefits all the undergraduate students and advancing the excellence of CSA, is my reason for seeking elections. As an upper year student, I understand how challenging it is to manage and excel through university life. My aim is to be accessible to all CBS students for their university related concerns while at the same time working on expanding the resources and extra-curriculars opportunities for them.

Marcus Aldre-Ganhan - College of Engineering & Physical Sciences
My name is Marcus Aldred-Ganhao. I am a second year Engineering student in the Systems and Computing program. I have always been interested in learning how things work. This fascination has sparked an intense desire to learn the craft of governance and to give back to this great university.

Engineers are dedicated to their work, they persevere through the worst of conditions to find the best possible outcome and are always looking to improve on what already exists. This path takes the type of person with a will of iron and the determination to remain unbowed, unbent, and unbroken in the face of the many trials and tribulations on the path to becoming an Engineer. I believe that I will be able to faithfully uphold both the interests of you my colleagues and virtues of an Engineer if I were to represent our discipline on the CSA Board of Directors. 

 Blair Curtis - College of Engineering & Physical Sciences
I’m Blair, a 5th year Software Engineering Co-Op major. I've previously had little interest in running for the CSA By-Election but in reaction to two recent events related to the university, my intentions to run have been solidified. These two events were the recent IT incident that affected multiple university systems, compromising purchases and other systems, and the housing shortage that has disproportionately affected students.

These issues spurned me to run because at an institution of higher learning, it is unacceptable to have chronic and constant security issues with the digital systems that the students and faculty rely on. Simultaneously, with all of the concerns present during a student’s semester, not being able to find a place to reside should not be as great a struggle as it already is. If elected, I would make it my focus to resolve these issues, with the resources at the CSA’s disposal.

Jesse Varkul - College of Engineering & Physical Sciences
Hey fellow Gryphons!
If you don't already know me, my name is Jesse, and I am a third-year software engineering student minoring in project management. I am running to represent the lovely CEPS students! You may ask, "why do you want to represent the CEPS students?" The answer is to increase student involvement and help them develop into the best versions of themselves. I am an 02' student, and I'd argue the pandemic hit our year the hardest.

We didn't have a high school prom, and many of us didn't get the residence experience. Entering school during the pandemic, I felt a distinct lack of school spirit and involvement from the students and faculty. The past two years have been challenging for everyone and involved a messy path of mental growth. I want to help students make these years feel fulfilling. Thank you, and I hope you vote for me.

 Jacob Miller - College of Social & Applied Human Services

Hello everyone, my name is Jacob and I’m currently in my third year studying Criminal Justice and Public Policy.  I’m an academically oriented student that has aspirations of attending law school after my undergraduate degree. I believe that the CSA is an extremely important organization for students and would like to be involved. I was my high school's student council Grade 12 Representative and currently reside as the Guelph Pre-law Society's Co-Chair of Events Coordination.

I am confident that I can bring an experienced perspective to the CSA and help provide practical services to students while saving them money. Apart from my executive experience, I have spent two years in the Canadian Armed Forces Infantry Reserve. As a result, I understand the importance of strong discipline and organizational leadership. A vote for me is a vote for an individual who represents the strength and practical needs of the student body.

Ella Odeh - College of Social & Applied Human Services

Hi, I’m Ella, a fourth-year international student who is passionate about the growth and success of the University of Guelph! I have thoroughly assimilated into the campus culture during my time here. I have participated in extracurricular activities like being a university of Guelph ambassador, serving on the committee to address sex and gender-based violence on campus, and serving as a facilitator for START International 2022.

I have worked closely with my fellow students to understand their requirements and what would help them succeed in their academic endeavours due to the tasks I have taken on. Given that my time at the University of Guelph is almost up, I also want to leave a legacy that will go before my experience, thereby being an active serving board member. I am running for this position because I rarely see people of my race or international students running for these positions here at the university. I want to break that barrier or lack of representation.

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