W21 General Election: Executive Forum — Executive

Get to know your candidates! Due to the current restrictions, the Winter 2020 Executive Forum was pre-recorded and candidates submitted video responses of their answers; watch their answers in the linked videos below!

Candidates' answers are listed per position alphabetically by last name. Videos open in new window and are captioned for accessibility; please contact Elections team for transcript.

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Candidates: President —

Question 1: Many University of Guelph students are often unaware of the critical role the CSA plays in improving their university experience. How do you plan on raising the profile of the CSA and encouraging students to be more involved with their student union?

Question 2: What would you view as a successful term as president?

Question 3: The CSA and the University of Guelph benefit from a strong, cooperative relationship. How do you plan on maintaining this critical relationship and what are some areas where increased collaboration could enhance student life?

Candidates: VP Student Experience —

Question 1: Improving campus life is often cited by students as a key function of CSA. What do you think vibrant campus life looks like and how will you, in the role of VP Student Experience, contribute to the flourishing of campus life?

Question 2: What will you do to ensure that a vibrant campus life is met during the ever-changing situation of COVID-19?

Question 3: What does an engaged student body look like to you and what are you plans for increasing student engagement on campus?

Candidates: VP Academic —

Question 1: What role does the CSA play in ensuring the academic success of undergraduate students?

Question 2: What is an area of concern that you plan to focus on in the upcoming term?

Candidates: VP External —

Question 1: What do you think the CSA was successful at accomplishing over the last year?

Question 2: What campaigns have you found resonate with students most? Why?

Question 2: What is an area of concern that you plan to focus on in the upcoming term?

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