W21 General Election: Executive Forum — Directors

Get to know your candidates! Due to the current restrictions, the Winter 2020 Executive Forum was pre-recorded and candidates submitted video responses of their answers; watch their answers in the linked videos below!

Candidates' answers are listed per position alphabetically by last name. Videos open in new window and are captioned for accessibility; please contact Elections team for transcript.

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To all Director Candidates: Many University of Guelph students are often unaware of the critical role the CSA plays in improving their university experience. How do you plan on raising the profile of the CSA and encouraging students to be more involved with their student union?

Candidates: College of Arts (COA) —

Candidates: College of Biological Sciences (CBS) —

Candidates: College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) —

No candidates.

Candidates: College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS) —

Candidates: Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics —

Candidates: Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) —

No candidates.

Candidates: Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) —

No candidates.

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