College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

Amia Khosla

My name’s Amia Khosla, I’m applying to be on the Board of Directors for the CSA, representing the Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS). I'm currently working toward my BSc. Double major in Psychology: Brain and Cognition, and in English. I’m a very approachable involved student, who loves to work with people. My interest in this position lies in my desire to give back to the student body and work on effective policy change. I am specifically interested in this role, because as an active member on a few student organizations, primarily Psychology Society, and CARRM, and I have had the privilege to learn about some of the issues students in my college would like addressed. I would love to have the opportunity to represent this body and learn from the environment that the CSA provides, and hopefully add to the diversity of the committee team.


Horeen Hassan

 I am pleased to run for Board of Director for the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences for the upcoming school year! 

I am in my fourth year working towards finishing my undergraduate degree in International Development Studies with a certificate in Public Policy and Administration. I am currently on the Civic Engagement Team for the Peer Helper Program, while also working with civil society organizations in the greater Guelph community. My passion for policy advocacy and youth civic engagement has led me to run for this position.  My background in development studies has equipped me to take multi-disciplinary approaches to problem solving which can prove to be an asset in major decision-making processes.  As a Board of Director, my mandate is to vocalize student issues by creating a platform where student voices and interests can be heard and acknowledged.  If elected, I will promote greater environmental stewardship on campus, along with more stress busters and self-care activities.  I care about the physical, mental, and financial needs of students and will work towards getting them onto the policy agenda.


Jamie Gibson

As a student of the CSAHS, I am running for At-Large representative to do just that: represent students. The CSA is an organization dedicated to anti-oppression and democratically promoting students' interests. Personally, I try to carry these same values in all of my political work and interactions. I was motivated to run for CSA after becoming involved with so many of the student activists on campus, united in the pursuit of student empowerment.

I find it essential to act as a vessel for student input and will encourage the establishment of town halls and referendums whenever possible. Student democracy only works if criticism, feedback, and suggestions are taken seriously. I understand that the work of a student union is always an uphill battle. However, I intend on expanding and preserving the rights and representation of students (particularly marginalized groups), and on holding an uncompromising stance against tuition increases.