College of Biological Sciences

Nick Kowaleski

Hey Gryphons!

My name is Nick Kowaleski, and I am currently your representative on the CSA’s Board of Directors. I have served three terms as your representative, and am hoping to be re-elected in order to continue serving all of you. Firstly, I wanted to thank you all for your continued support this year.

Last year I ran on improving student consultation and accountability at the CSA, and as your representative I have been working to do just that. It was incredible to be able to represent our students.

This year my platform is to continue improving communication within the CSA, as well as tackling challenging problems such as staffing, policy, and structure at the CSA. Finally, I will be focusing on advocating for improved mental health resources on our campus, which is an issue close to my heart.

I hope to have your vote and support.


Nick Kowaleski


Raymond Hu

I'm Raymond Hu, a fourth-year Bio-Medical science student at the University of Guelph. This past year I had the pleasure of being the At-Large representative for the College of Biological Science with the Central Student Association, and I hope to continue my efforts in improving the experience of students in this upcoming year. Working with the CSA has taught me a lot regarding the strengths and weaknesses of my role, as well as the organizations. If elected, I want to improve the communication between students and the CSA and implement better strategies towards gauging the interest or disinterest of students concerning topics of approval. I want to ensure that the CSA is adequately representing the interests of students and ultimately I want to get more students involved and encourage them to voice their opinions. If you support advocacy and action, please vote for me on March 5th!