College of Business and Economics

Aaron Felstein

Hi! My name is Aaron Felstein and I am a 1st year Business-Commerce Student, majoring in accounting. I am from Newmarket, Ontario and am currently staying in South Residence (Prairie). My favorite hobbies and interests include: playing hockey, spinning vinyl records and cars. I also love to step outside my comfort zone, to experience new things, which leads to why I am standing for election. Out of the countless ways to get involved at the University of Guelph, I believe the most meaningful and impactful way is through CSA. It is stated that “students together have more power than students alone” and I have the drive and motivation to be one of those students, moving together, representing this university. My goal is to do good and serving on the Board, representing the College of Business and Economics would allow me to reach my goal, while solving issues facing fellow students.


Andrew Hodgkinson

I am a first year Economics and Finance major that enjoys any form of physical activity; this includes rock climbing going to the gym and playing pretty much any sport imaginable. On top of my physical interest I am also a member of the Guelph Student Investment Council where I help analyze and invest in different stocks. I am a sociable guy who enjoys meeting new people and the experiences and insight they can offer

The reason I am running to be a director of the CSA is quite simple. I love the University of Guelph and all the great experiences it has given me thus far. I am running to not only keep up the good work that my predecessors have done but also to try and improve the student body in anyway I possible can.